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The online store for Trendsetting Teens!


Google search “Tie Dye Crazy” and you will find an endless array of images and pages. Scroll through the questions and the first thing you will see = “Is tie dye in style for 2020?”  Excuse me? Did I read that right?  Is tie dye in style for 2020? HELL YES! Who even has to ask that?

Tie-dye has been around forever, but it’s recently made a comeback as one of the biggest fashion trends of 2020. Whether it’s a DIY style or one that’s already made for you, there are plenty of ways to wear the colourful, unique patterns. Browse through our shop and you can expect to “oooooh and aaaaaah” over the variety of colours and styles. Ladies, we have you covered. Gents, you can thank us later. Everyone in between, we got you!

Pair your Tie Dye top with a cute little pair of denim shorts, the short ones, or slap on your favourite skinnies and you’re set for a night out on the town. Guys, same goes for you.  We love a good pair of skinnies with a bright, trendy top! #swoon

Let’s take a look at a few of your favourite celebs rocking their tie dye gear.

Jason Derulo (Hot Alert!!!!)

Jason is loving his Tie Dye.  He dons the cool stuff in so many of his social media posts and videos. It made it so hard for us to pick our top item but here it is.

Kylie Jenner

We have to say, if there was an award for owning the most Tie Dye clothing, we can’t help but think Ky would win this one, hands down. Go and google her in Tie Dye, there is literally pages and pages of photos.

Ok ok, so she has like a billion gazillion dollars which makes it easy, we know.  Thankfully our Tie Dye kit is affordable. You could even get the whole gang in gear like the Scott – Jenner family!

Kylie Jenner Travis Scott wearing Tie Dye Hoodies
Kylie Jenner Travis Scott Stormi Webster
Credit: Kylie Jenner/Instagram
Speaking of Scott.. Has Travis jumped on the Tie Dye train too?

We think Kylie taught him well.  Or she shops for him?  Who knows, but he looks lit! Travis has also been spotted donning the cool gear multiple times, paired with either baggy cargo pants or ripped, skinnies.  Shop this look now.

Everyone from Jonah Hill, Ariana Grande and J-Lo to Joe Jonas, Gigi Hadid and the Biebs are owning this trend.  Now, you can too 💥

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